SUBBATTLE Grappling Open Mat

Our Grappling Open Mat developed as an extra event.

Beginners can get lots of experience in competing and will get exchange with other athletes in our discipline.
We divide the Open Mat event into two sections.


First section is the competition section where the participations can fight under survey of a referee and under the same rules like in a grappling tournament.


It starts with the Check In and ends after a few hours.


The participations fight with any guys they want to fight with for 7 Minutes in one round.

In case of submission the fight can go on, until the fighting time is over. Then they search a new opponent and a referee and can start again and again.


In the second section there is free rolling for everyone, as long as they like.


In the Catering Area all fighters and the audience can get drunks, coffee and different snacks, while watching the others fighting.


For time and date please check the Open Mat Events in our Calendar.